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About Us

As remote control toy enthusiasts ourselves, we know how hard it is to shop for high-quality, branded RC toys.

Sometimes the price isn’t right and other times you just don’t have enough options to choose from. No wonder, you find yourself pulling out your hair every time you go for RC toy shopping!

At Remote Blast, our aim is to take the frustration out of the equation and bring back the fun in the shopping experience. Through our premium online store we offer you some of the most hand-picked and exclusive remote control toys, both toy-grade and hobby-grade. Our products have received great love from RC toy aficionados in the USA and the UK, and to reciprocate this love we’ve been consistently enhancing our collection. The best part about shopping with us is that you won’t have to compromise with either quality, price or range of options.

Our collection features RC toys from nearly 200 renowned toy brands, it’s like holding a feast of the choicest delicacies! From a simple RC car to a complex RC drone, our collection includes products of all varieties. All you have to do is show up and decide what you like the best!

We would advise you to sit back, relax and maybe grab some popcorn as you stroll through our quirky and whimsical RC toy range. We imagined a world that is ruled by RC toys, and with Remote Blast we have managed to turn our imagination into a reality. Now we want you to partake in this wonderful reality with us. Come, explore and discover extra-ordinary RC toys that are totally worthy of adding to your toy collection.